genealogy of the Stewart and Fox families
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Amite County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.1683803, Longitude: -90.8294002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barwick, Myrtle Dallas  28 Nov 1879Amite County, Mississippi I33
2 Beall, Julia  1831Amite County, Mississippi I1337
3 Browder, J.C.  1843Amite County, Mississippi I1322
4 Browder, M. J.  1845Amite County, Mississippi I1323
5 Browder, M. M.  1846Amite County, Mississippi I1324
6 Browder, S. H.  1849Amite County, Mississippi I1325
7 Browder, William F.  1841Amite County, Mississippi I1321
8 Causey, Sarah Elizabeth  05 Sep 1856Amite County, Mississippi I876
9 Gardner, Martha Ann  30 Nov 1836Amite County, Mississippi I1349
10 Holloway, Elizabeth  07 Feb 1808Amite County, Mississippi I1361
11 Jenkins, Isadore  1876Amite County, Mississippi I1333
12 Jones, Amanda Ophelia  1829Amite County, Mississippi I1326
13 McGehee, Ada B.  05 Feb 1876Amite County, Mississippi I1330
14 McGehee, Alice  1865Amite County, Mississippi I1342
15 McGehee, Amanda  1877Amite County, Mississippi I1345
16 McGehee, Amarintha  1835Amite County, Mississippi I214
17 McGehee, Burres  1875Amite County, Mississippi I1344
18 McGehee, Caswell  1830Amite County, Mississippi I215
19 McGehee, Dolly Virginia  08 Jul 1874Amite County, Mississippi I1353
20 McGehee, Edgar Jenkins   I1335
21 McGehee, Ella  1872Amite County, Mississippi I1343
22 McGehee, Emily  14 Nov 1823Amite County, Mississippi I210
23 McGehee, Hansford C.  1860Amite County, Mississippi I1338
24 McGehee, Hansford J.  03 Jun 1837Amite County, Mississippi I216
25 McGehee, Hugh  Apr 1870Amite County, Mississippi I1350
26 McGehee, John Livingston  1872Amite County, Mississippi I1332
27 McGehee, John Longfellow  19 Apr 1872Amite County, Mississippi I1357
28 McGehee, Joseph C.  1880Amite County, Mississippi I1341
29 McGehee, Lula  1863Amite County, Mississippi I1347
30 McGehee, Manie  1868Amite County, Mississippi I1356
31 McGehee, Mary  1865Amite County, Mississippi I1340
32 McGehee, Minnie  1864Amite County, Mississippi I1355
33 McGehee, Ruby L.   I1334
34 McGehee, Sarah  05 Feb 1832Amite County, Mississippi I213
35 McGehee, Son  1879Amite County, Mississippi I1346
36 McGehee, Stella  1878Amite County, Mississippi I1331
37 McGehee, William  1869Amite County, Mississippi I1329
38 McGehee, William H. C.  1822Amite County, Mississippi I217
39 McGehee, Woodford  1848Amite County, Mississippi I1327
40 Ravenscroft, Missouri  1843Amite County, Mississippi I1339
41 Sharp, Bud  19 Jan 1884Amite County, Mississippi I872
42 Sharp, Julius L.  Jul 1889Amite County, Mississippi I1532
43 Sharp, Orleanna  28 Aug 1862Amite County, Mississippi I149
44 Sharp, Verona Jane  19 Jun 1853Amite County, Mississippi I197
45 Sharp, Virgil Hiller  14 Nov 1867Amite County, Mississippi I202
46 Toler, Ruth  06 Apr 1875Amite County, Mississippi I1358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buckholtz, Rebecca  Aft 1850Amite County, Mississippi I1364
2 Causey, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Feb 1909Amite County, Mississippi I876
3 Ferguson, Sarah  24 Sep 1858Amite County, Mississippi I1366
4 McGehee, Emily  10 Apr 1903Amite County, Mississippi I210
5 McGehee, George W.  10 Dec 1841Amite County, Mississippi I221
6 McGehee, James  26 Jan 1844Amite County, Mississippi I220
7 McGehee, John Livingston  1926Amite County, Mississippi I1332
8 McGehee, Lewis  15 Jun 1857Amite County, Mississippi I227
9 McGehee, Martha  Abt 1825Amite County, Mississippi I224
10 McGehee, Samuel  07 May 1821Amite County, Mississippi I218
11 McGehee, Samuel  21 Oct 1866Amite County, Mississippi I230
12 McGehee, Sarah  13 Feb 1908Amite County, Mississippi I213
13 McGehee, William  05 Apr 1851Amite County, Mississippi I231
14 McGehee, Woodford  11 Dec 1892Amite County, Mississippi I1327
15 Sharp, Bud  25 Sep 1885Amite County, Mississippi I872
16 Sharp, David Hamilton  30 Jan 1936Amite County, Mississippi I195
17 Sharp, Emma Virginia  11 Aug 1863Amite County, Mississippi I200
18 Sharp, Hinds  21 Aug 1886Amite County, Mississippi I874
19 Sharp, John Hilton  1933Amite County, Mississippi I201
20 Sharp, Joseph Arrington  07 Oct 1902Amite County, Mississippi I191
21 Sharp, Joseph Arrington Jr.  1951Amite County, Mississippi I199
22 Sharp, Verona Jane  19 May 1937Amite County, Mississippi I197


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barwick / Sharp  08 Jan 1879Amite County, Mississippi F49
2 Browder / McGehee  16 Apr 1840Amite County, Mississippi F449
3 Marsalis / McGehee  05 Mar 1895Amite County, Mississippi F459
4 McGehee / Downs  27 Jan 1819Amite County, Mississippi F66
5 McGehee / Downs  15 Apr 1823Amite County, Mississippi F468
6 McGehee / Ferguson  18 Jun 1814Amite County, Mississippi F467
7 McGehee / Gardner  06 Aug 1863Amite County, Mississippi F457
8 Sharp / McGehee  1842Amite County, Mississippi F446
9 Sharp / McGehee  22 Sep 1842Amite County, Mississippi F62