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1 12/3/1795, all of Cornelius's land was divided among his children.
Gracebury, Margaret (I1095)
2 1880 Census: Columbus, St. Clair County, Michigan. Elnathan Rumsey, farmer, age 64; Charity Humphrey Rumsey, age 62; Jay Eugene Rumsey, farmer, age 40; Eliza Flora Howe Rumsey, age 36; Edith Rumsey, age 17; Theodore Eugene Rumsey, age 16; Herbert Elnathan Rumsey, age 14; Roland J. Rumsey, age 10; John Albion Rumsey, age 7; Luke Dale Rumsey, age 4; Cora Elizabeth Rumsey, age 2. Rumsey, Elnathan (I287)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fox, Joyce Ruth (I75)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fox, Neely Ann (I74)
5 Joanna Fox Waddill
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Joanna Painter (Fox) Waddill (September 24, 1838 ? January 3, 1899) was a nurse assisting wounded and ill Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. She became celebrated as the "Florence Nightingale of the Confederacy" for her humanitarianism.

Joanna Fox was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania, to James C. Fox and his wife Catherine Bessonett. Fox was a brickmason who moved his family to the Mississippi River port city of Natchez, Mississippi, when Joanna was a baby.

Fox was only 22 years old when the Civil War erupted in early 1861. She and two other Natchez ladies traveled to the front lines to serve as volunteer nurses in such places as Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. When the Union Navy captured Natchez as they advanced toward Vicksburg, Mississippi, Waddill hid a Confederate flag under her petticoat to prevent its capture.[1]

Near the end of the war, Fox became the matron of the Confederate hospital in Meridian, Mississippi. There, she met Louisiana druggist George D. Waddill while they both tended sick and dying Confederate soldiers. The couple were married in Lauderdale, Mississippi, (near Corinth) on September 26, 1864.[2]

The couple moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they operated a drugstore for many years. She became active in the Confederate Memorial Association and other societies.

Joanna Waddill and her husband are buried in Magnolia Cemetery at Baton Rouge. Ironically, the cemetery was in the middle of the Battle of Baton Rouge.[1]

The Joanna Waddill Camp #294 of the Daughters of the Confederacy is named in her honor. It is active in local Civil War memorialization.[3]

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Fox, Joanna Painter (I29)
6 This information is from The Keyser Family the Bicentnnial Reunion of the Keyser Family 1688 - 1888, Descendants of Dirck Keyser of Amsterdam, Compiled by Charles S. Keyser, Philadelphia, 1889, pages 144 and 145.

Parents of Hester Keyser:

Father: Benjamin Keyser, b. unknown, d. unknown, m. Ann Nice prior to 1776.
Mother: Ann Nice

Children of John Fox and Hester Keyser:

1. William Lybrand Fox, m. Marian Holahan

2. Benjamin Fox, m. Louisa Batson

3. Ann Fox, b. 1808; d. July 22, 1856, m. Cephas G. Childs

4. Edward John Fox, m. Martha Chew Johnson
Children of Edward John Fox and Martha Chew Johnson: 1.) William Lybrand Fox; 2.) Thomas Rabb Fox; 3.) Esther Fox; 4.) Edward Wayne Fox; 5.) John Michael Fox b. October 25, 1832, m. Mary J. Simpson February 9, 1859.

Miscellaneous information about Hester Keyser:

John Fox Will Abstract, Philadelphia
Posted on Rootsweb: 10 Jan 2001 12:00PM GMT

Classification: Will
Surnames: Fox
John Fox; not dated; mentioned wife Esther Fox and children; youngest son Edward; properties in Philadelphia, some held in connection with Michael Fox; witnesses Michael Fox, Samuel Fox, Michael Lybrand; Administrations to Michael Fox and Samuel Fox, November 13, 1811


History: 1813: Genealogical Data contained in the Statutes at Large, Commonwealth of PA
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by: Vi. P. Limric

Copyright Vi P. Limric 1999

Source: The Statues at Large of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg PA, 1911

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In General Assembly met and is hereby enacted by the Authority of the Same.

9. An act authorizing MICHAEL FOX and SAMUEL FOX, administrators with the will annexed, of JOHN FOX, late of the city of Philadelphia, brickmaker, dec., to grant and convey real estate. That it shall be lawful for the administrators to grant and convey the real estate, of John Fox dec., as if they had been nominated and appointed executors of the will.
22 Dec 1812.

Keyser, Hester (I12)
7 A younger son, became a Huguenot, and was deprived of his nobility in consequence. His elder brother, Louis, who remained a Catholic, is designated as Seigneur de Fontaines, lieutenant-general of the Armies of the King. He was in 1663 made Marquis de Giuvi.
Chretien du Bois was dead on October 10, 1655, when his son Louis was married at Mannheim. Chretien also had a daughter Anne (Wicres baptismal record). Chretien settled on lands at Wicres about 10 miles southwest of Lille where his farm is still pointed out. He was probably born about 1590. He is described as a gentleman of the family of du Bois, Seigneurs de Beaufermez and de Bourse.
The Rev. W. Twyman Williams, Minister of the College Church, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, suggested as a result of his research that CHRETIEN possibly had at least two additional sons, possibly ANTOINE and ISAAC, who were older than the children of whom the DBFA has definite records.
From FTM: parents of Chretian are Wallerand DuBois (b abt 1560, d. 1600-1651) of Wicres France, and Madeleine De Croix (b. abt. 1560, d. 1599-1655) m. 1583 in Wicres France.
From FTM: child 5 is Antoine, M, b. 1616-1641
Dubois, Chre'tien Maxmillan (I452)
8 Address History:
The Painter family lived at 106 Filbert Street in Philadelphia.
Painter, George W. (I1217)
9 Body resting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dolan, Lot 16, Con. 2 N. E. R. Warwick, until Monday at 11:30 a.m. Baird, George Adam (I247)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fox, Jennifer Jane (I1522)
11 Buried: In front of the Old Brick Church at Marlboro, N.J.

Benjamin studied under Rev. J.H. Goetschius. Elected a trustee of QUeens College 1783.
Dubois, Benjamin (I1068)
12 Ceremony at St. Anne's Rectory, Memphis, Tennessee. Officiated by Father Thomas F. Nenon. Attendants were Helen Grere and Joseph Schingle. Family F393
13 Coenradt Elmendorf was a trustee of the town of Kingston, president ofthe trustee board, magistrate, and president of the Court of Magistratesin 1737. He was a doctor of his community and Deacon of the Reformed Dutch Church. He was also active in military affairs, receiving a commission as Captain of the Ulster Co. N.Y. Militia in 1700 from the Earl of Belmont. In 1738 he became Major of the Ulster County Militia. Because of this military service his name is on the honor roll of the Society of Colonial Wars and on the honor roll of the Society of Colonial Dames; consequently, his descendents are eligible for membership in these societies. Authority: Soc. of Colonial Wars, Index of Ancestors, 1928, p.154 and Soc. of Colonial Dames of state of N.Y. Register, 1913, pp. 304-305.
Coenradt had four children by his first marriage and nine by his second.The ninth was Petrus Edmundus, b. Aug. 27, 1715; d. July 13, 1765, and was buried in the Reformed churchyard at Kingston; m., Apr. 29, 1744, Maria (Mary; dau. of John Crook, Jr., corporation clerk 1716-'21, and Catrina Janse), who was b. Aug. 15, 1721, and d. Aug. 15, 1794. Petrus Edmundus served as town trustee, as magistrate, supervisor, sheriff and surrogatefor several terms.
Elmendorf, Coenradt (I824)
14 Dean was June's maiden name. Her last name from a first marriage was Sager. Sager, June Violet Dean (I1541)
15 Death Information: According to the Natchez Sexton Records, Samuel C. House died March 20, 1896, at age 56 caused by shock from a fall. House, Samuel Clay (I90)
16 Death Information: According to the Natchez Sexton Records, Sylvania Penn House died at age 79 at home which was 615 Pine St. in Natchez. Cause of death was Paretic Dementia. Fox, Sylvania Penn (I49)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fox, Mary Allyne "Marilee" (I440)
18 Died unmarried. Dubois, Solomon (I1136)
19 From:

Full text of "St. Clair County, Michigan, its history and its people; a narrative account of its historical progress and its principal interests"


A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress and its Principal Interests



John Howe. Among the names of those intimately associated with the pioneer history of St. Clair county, Michigan, is that belonging to the Howe family, members of which located here at a day when the most primitive conditions prevailed and through their work developed excellent farming property out of raw prairie and timber. One of the earliest of these pioneers, the late John Howe, formerly an agriculturist of Riley township, was born in London, England, April 10, 1818, a son of James Howe.

John Howe was reared in the city of London, and was never outside of its limits until after he had attained his twenty-first year. He received an excellent education, his parents intending that he should be a minister, and he was given a classical course. Mr. Howe was a good scholar, and could read Latin and Greek fluently, but his inclinations did not run towards the ministry, and he decided upon a commercial career. Entering a dry goods store in London as a clerk, he soon rose to the position of floor-walker, and when he had attained his majority he went to Highworth, England, and there purchased a stock of dry goods and engaged in business.

About that time he was married (to Elizabeth Packer), and he continued to carry on business in Highworth until after the birth of a daughter (Eliza Flora Howe), at which time he started for the United States, believing that in the new country he could find a better opportunity for displaying his abilities. Leaving Liverpool on one of the four vessels then crossing the Atlantic, he landed in New York after a voyage of six weeks, and from that city made his way to Darien, Genesee county, where he purchased land and engaged in farming.

Not being satisfied with his prospects there, however, he soon struck out for the west, and eventually landed in St. Clair county, where he purchased land in Riley township. Not long after coming here his eyesight failed, and for a long period it was feared that he would be permanently disabled, but by a simple, homely remedy, the use of cold water, he cured himself and restored his sight to its normal condition.

Not only was Mr. Howe one of the leading farmers of his township for many years, but he also was prominent in politics. A staunch adherent of Republican principles, he was a valued worker in the ranks of his party, was an orator of some reputation, and held various township offices. He was exceptionally active in educational work, his own early training making him peculiarly fitted for this kind of labor. Mr. Howe was reared in the faith of the Congregational church, and was a consistent member and liberal supporter of the church of that denomination at Memphis, Michigan.

Mr. Howe and his wife were the parents of six children: Eliza, born in England, married Jay Eugene Rumsey, and made her home in St. Clair county, Michigan, until her death, in August, 1910, when she left eight children; Henrietta, who married James H. Gregg, is now a widow and resides in Macomb county; Charles Albion, who married Ophelia Woolman, is now deceased, and his widow lives in Capac; Jennie is now Mrs. N. L. Lucia, of Port Huron; Lucius E., now residing in Memphis, Michigan, married Miss Marion Douel; and Regina married Emerson Russell, and is now living in Riley township.  
Howe, John (I295)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F583
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Edgette, Hazel B. (I1547)
22 He died while a student for the ministry with his cousin, Jonathan DuBois.
Dubois, John (I1063)
23 He served in Capt. Jacob DuBois copany of militia as private, Revolutionary War.
Dubois, Samuel (I1069)
24 He was called "Little Jacob" to distinguish him from his cousin "Great Jacob" the som of Barent DuBois. He was an elder of the Presbyteriian Church at Pilesgrove.
Dubois, Jacob (I1059)
25 House,Sylvania Fox, Mrs., 79, F, W, 615 N. Pine St., City, Widow, Paretic Dementia, At Home, Natchez, Miss., 615 N. Pine St., City, Jun 14, 1921, Jun 19, 1921, R. D. Sessions, M.D. Fox, Sylvania Penn (I49)
26 In the 1850 Census, Charity Humphrey Rumsey (age 32), Elnathan Rumsey (age 34), her husband, and their son Jay Eugene Rumsey, age 11, were living in Ash Township, Monroe County, Michigan. Elnathan Rumsey's Occupation is listed as blacksmith. Page 836, Line 37.

Humphrey, Charity (I288)
27 In the 1850 Census, Elnathan Rumsey (age 34), his wife Charity Humphrey Rumsey (age 32), and their son Jay Eugene Rumsey, age 11, were living in Ash Township, Monroe County, Michigan. Elnathan Rumsey's Occupation is listed as blacksmith. Page 836, Line 37.
Rumsey, Elnathan (I287)
28 In the 1850 Census, Jay Eugene Rumsey, age 11, was living with his father Elnathan Rumsey (age 34) and his mother Charity Humphrey Rumsey (age 32) in Ash Township, Monroe County, Michigan. Page 836, Line 37. Rumsey, Jay Eugene (I278)
29 In the 1870 Census for New York City, Anthony Tatzel, age 60, is living with his second wife, Stamp Tatzel, age 42. Tatzel, Anthony (I354)
30 In the 1880 Census for Philadelphia, Anthony Tatzel, age 19, was living with his step father, Fd. Weisenborn; his mother, Julia; his grandfather, John Bessonett, Jr.; and other Weisenborn children. The address was 1117 Callowhill. Tatzel, Anthony (I690)
31 In the 1900 Census of Adams County, Mississippi, the Barwick family was living on North Union St. near Jefferson St. in Natchez, Mississippi. The address is obscured, but the next number on the list was 213. I've been told that the house burned down many years ago.

The family consisted of: John Noel Barwick, Orleanna (Emma Anna) Sharp Barwick, Myrtle Dallas Barwick Fox, William Henry Harrison Fox, and Carl Hall Fox. 
Barwick, John Noel (I148)
32 Information about James Newman and the Newman family provided by Dale Newman:

"Proposed Change: James Albert Newman (I867)
Tree: Full Stewart Fox Family Tree

Description: I am the great, great grandson of James Albert Newman and I have all the descendants down to the latest children in our family if you would like to update your records. I also have records that date back to my 6th great grandfather Hezekiah Newman in 1783. Our family tree is quite huge !!!

Hilton Dale Newman"
Newman, James (I1608)
33 Ingham County MI Archives Photo Tombstone.....Dubois, Sarah ************************************************ Copyright. All rights reserved. ************************************************ File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by: Allison Findlay September 3, 2007, 5:40 pm Cemetery: Dubois Name: Sarah Dubois Date Of Photograph: August 2007 Photo can be seen at:
Image file size: 136.8 Kb
SARAH DuBOIS Died May 12,1841 Aged 66 years (footstone) S.D. Notes: Sarah (Buck) DuBois was the wife of Jacob C. DuBois and they were married on 11/03/1796 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. They are buried beside each other in DuBois Cemetery, surrounded by several members of their extended family. At the time of Sarah’s death in 1841, her son, Martin, donated an acre of his land to become DuBois Cemetery. Sarah was the first burial in the new cemetery. Sarah’s husband, Jacob C., was born 12/15/1771 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York, and died 09/11/1844 in Alaiedon Township. He was the son of Coenradt/Conrad DuBois (06/22/1735-1810) and Maria (Delamater) DuBois (06/12/1740-1789). Both Jacob C.’s father (Coenradt/Conrad) and brother (Martin, 1764-1854) served in the New York infantry in the Revolutionary War. Martin and his wife Margaret died on the same day and were buried together in a shared grave in Fitchburg Cemetery. Jacob C. and Sarah (Buck) DuBois had seven sons: Asa (1798-06/08/1885), Martin (1801-1880), John (08/30/1804-02/11/1880), Garrett (02/08/1806-09/23/1884), James (circa 1810-August 1879), Jacob (05/10/1812-06/16/1880), and Stephen Buck (03/20/1816-10/29/1861). Two of these sons married Longyear women. Jacob arried Mary Longyear in 1844 and Stephen married Hannah Longyear (date unknown).
Buck, Sarah (I1142)
34 It is from this family that the Newkirks of Philadelphia are descended.
Nieukirk, Matheus (I1111)
35 Jacob DuBois lived all his long life on the farm in Hurley. His name appears as a member of the Hurley Company in 1715 and as one of the Town Trustees in 1719. He was a freeholder of Hurley in 1728.
About 1714 he heard that there was a large quantity of good land for sale in the southern part of New Jersey. He took a trip to Salem County and with his sister and John and Isaac Van Meteren purchased 3000 acres of Daniel Cox of Burlington. His sister and her sons John & Isaac Van Meteren in 1718 conveyed 1200 acres to Jacob DuBois as his share. There is no record that Jacob ever lived in Jersey. Barent, one of his sons, settled at Pilesgrove, Salem Co., later called Pittsgrove.
Dubois, Jacob (I449)
36 James was a principal at East McComb School, McComb, Mississippi. He later taught at the Peabody School in Summit, Mississippi, and he became a Math Professor at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Quin, James Batey (I1669)
37 Joseph is said to have died in a fall from an apple tree. There is no tombstone for Joseph, but Benjamin's marker is in the old Pittsgrove churchyard next to that of Joseph's brother Samuel.
Dubois, Joseph (I1067)
38 Married at St. Louis Catholic Church Family F570
39 Monterey no longer exists, but is now part of the town of Trimont, MN.

Emma had traveled to Minnesota to visit with one of her daughters, Lena Farrar, and her family. She died 10 days later. She was buried with her husband in Round Springs Cemetery, 8 miles east of Hunter, Kansas in Mitchell County.

Source of my information on Emma?s place of death:
Jessie Van Amburg Parsons (my grandmother) received a letter from her Aunt Mary (Mary McMillan married to Henry Harrison Van Amburg) written on March 27, 1968 which stated, "Emma R. Van Amburg of 1837 died Feb. 27. 1909. in Monteray, Minn. dont know if you was old enough to remember when she went to Minn to visit the Farrar family she only lived 10 days after she arrived there her body was shiped back Beloit and brought to our house untill taken to Victor for buryal."

Emma died of diabetes at age 71.

Information supplied by Lynda Weichel, May 7, 2019 
Rumsey, Emily (I810)
40 Mt. Moriah Cemetery Bessonett, John Jr. (I139)
41 Never married. Stewart, Charles (I255)
42 Occupation: Brewer Painter, George W. (I1217)
43 On a letter written by Mary Glenn to Benjamin Duncan Fox, a family member made the notation that she was Benjamin's sweetheart. They never married because Benjamin was killed in the Civil War. I've added Mary Glenn to the family history so there is a record of their relationship. Glenn, "Sweetheart": Mary (I1596)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Stewart, Betty Jeanne (I772)
45 Ozias Davis and "Ronie" Newman came into Limestone Co., TX with his parents and their family but did not stay long. After only a year or so they went back to Amite Co., MS and remained there, farming. The Texas nephews, after they were grown, occasionally went to visit the Mississippi uncles and aunts. Uncle Zias and Aunt Ronie always had the welcome mat out and the Texas Newman. boys thought them lots of fun. Zias and Ronie (Sharp) Newman had been married 61 years when she died; they lived and died in the East Fork Community of Amite County.
Sharp, Verona Jane (I197)
46 Petrus Elmendorf served as town trustee as magistrate, supervisor, sheriff and surrogate for several terms. His widow, Molly, was left with considerable property, and during the Revolution was a woman of affairs and influence. While the tea tax troubles were brewing in 1770 she and her son John were given charge of the existing supply. Some of the women of Kingston became desperate for some and took forcible possession of Molly Elmendorf's house or store, seizing what they wished and leaving payment.
Petrus Edmundus and Molly Elmendorf's children numbered 10, of whom six grew to maturity. Their daughters married into the Bleecker family of Albany, the Ray family of New York and Bruyns of Kingston. One daughter of the Bleeckers married Gov. Horatio Seymour, and another Charles Edward Dudley, state senator and mayor of Albany. Mrs. Dudley gave $105,000 to found Dudley Observatory at Albany. The Bruyns became connected with the family of Judge Hasbrouck, member of congress and president of Rutgers College. Petrus Edmundus Elmendorf, Jr. married a Van Rensselaer of Albany.
Source: Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol VI
Elmendorf, Petrus Edmundus (I833)
47 She was buried with her husband in Round Springs Cemetery, 8 miles east of Hunter, Kansas in Mitchell County.  Rumsey, Emily (I810)
48 Strathroy Hospital Baird, George Adam (I247)
49 The 1851-52 census for Peel County, Ontario, showed her as eight years old at that time so she was born about 1853 or 1854. Her cemetery marker shows her born in 1850.

The family lived on a farm at Caledon, Ontario while she was growing up.

Isabella's sister, Dorcas, who had made her home with James and Isabella, stayed with Isabella and the children and continued to do so after Isabella's second marriage.

During the late 1890's, Isabella's sons, Robert and George, returned to the original farm at Watford, Ontario that had been willed to them at their father's death.

Around 1906, Robert and Isabella went to Ontario, stayed with her son, George, for two years, then returned to Michigan, and rented a farm near Snydersville. Later they moved to Marysville and then to Detroit. They also spent short times with their son, James, and with her daughter, Jamesina, who was Mrs. Charles Kruger.
Baird, Isabella (I245)
50 The birth record for James Oscar Stewart shows his name as James Eskine which I assume is a transcription error. His birth was recorded on March 5, 1881, as having occured on September 19, 1880. The records of several births appear to have been made at the same time...not when the actual birth happened. Elsewhere, on this site you will find a PDF of the record. Stewart, James Oscar (I41)

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