genealogy of the Stewart and Fox families
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Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.5604442, Longitude: -91.403171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bessonett, Catherine  1856Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I374
2 Bessonett, George Monroe  1851Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I375
3 Bessonett, Jeanette P.  1852Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I373
4 Bessonett, John H.  1850Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I372
5 Bessonett, Mary Ann  1846Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I370
6 Bessonett, Thomas Hart  1860Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I377
7 Fox, Aubrey Emanuel "Cooley" Sr.   I35
8 Fox, Caradine "Carrie" Mary  17 Mar 1867Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I51
9 Fox, Carl Hall  Aug 1899Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I34
10 Fox, Casey M.  25 Jun 1874Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I52
11 Fox, Daisye  About 1900Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I61
12 Fox, Irene Amanda  7 Oct 1903Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I60
13 Fox, Irvin William "Red"  13 Nov 1907Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I36
14 Fox, James Alfred  10 Jul 1869Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I50
15 Fox, James Clifford  14 Sep 1904Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I63
16 Fox, Robert Leroy  11 Jul 1897Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I62
17 Fox, Velma May  14 May 1911Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I37
18 Fox, William Henry Harrison Jr.  06 Feb 1878Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I32
19 Humason, Christopher  Abt 1879Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1219
20 Humason, Daniel W.  Abt 1873Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1220
21 Humason, Granville A.  Abt 1873Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I368
22 Lancaster, Vernon Jr.  Sep 1923Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1574
23 May, Charles Fredrick William Jr.  08 Oct 1928Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I81
24 May, Letha Elizabeth  20 Sep 1924Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I80
25 Parker, Ella Lee  02 Dec 1896Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1584
26 Purnell, Elizabeth Caroline "Callie"  15 Jun 1892Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I69
27 Purnell, Stephen T.  Feb 1899Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1573
28 Smith, Irene Amanda  30 Mar 1874Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I59
29 Tomkins, Caroline Lorraine   I84
30 Tomkins, May Louisa  30 Apr 1944Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I83


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bessonett, Catharine Ann  26 Apr 1867Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I27
2 Fox, Caradine "Carrie" Mary  Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I51
3 Fox, Carl Hall  Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I34
4 Fox, Casey M.  24 Jun 1896Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I52
5 Fox, James Alfred  26 Aug 1943Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I50
6 Fox, James Clifford  15 Oct 1937Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I63
7 Fox, James Coleman  05 Dec 1856Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I24
8 Fox, Robert Leroy  01 Nov 1901Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I62
9 Fox, Sylvania Penn  14 Jun 1921Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I49
10 Fox, William Henry Harrison Sr.  22 Jan 1926Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I28
11 House, Alfred Henry  08 Mar 1922Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I91
12 House, Elizabeth Catherine  03 May 1932Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I31
13 House, Mary Julia  23 Jun 1924Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I89
14 House, Samuel Clay  20 Mar 1896Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I90
15 Humason, Preston Clifford  06 Jan 1924Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I92
16 May, Letha Elizabeth  23 Nov 2003Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I80
17 Parker, Ella Lee  19 Jan 1945Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1584
18 Purnell, Elizabeth Caroline "Callie"  16 Jun 1964Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I69
19 Sharp, Richard Burnell  14 Nov 1983Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I1583
20 Tomkins, May Louisa  26 Sep 2013Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi I83


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   20 Sep 1869Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F18
2 Bessonett / Neal  25 Dec 1838Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F43
3 Bessonett / Spangler  01 Mar 1849Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F46
4 Bessonett / West  20 Nov 1844Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F45
5 Fox / House  30 May 1866Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F10
6 Fox / Smith  28 Oct 1896Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F19
7 House / Fox  20 Sep 1869Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F17
8 Humason / House  13 Apr 1871Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F31
9 Humason / Tierney  27 Dec 1896Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F128
10 May / Purnell  About 1923Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F24
11 Purnell / Fox  10 Jun 1891Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F20
12 Sharp / Parker  29 Mar 1920Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi F550